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A reader, Rob Abeira, calls my attention to an interesting website, The Oklahoma Capitalist, with this note:

I apologize for the spam, but I thought that since you opposed Vision 2025, which was passed on Sept 9, you might be wondering what to do next. Well, the battle may be over but the war for economic freedom in Oklahoma rages on. Even though you lost this particular fight in Tulsa, voters in Stevens County succeeded in defeating a tax hike the same day! There is hope yet! And Oklahomans will need it, as Governor Henry prepares his Oklahoma's EDGE economic development plan for announcement in November, likely to be followed by an effort to push it through the Legislature in the next session. The Governor's plan is sure to be a repeat of the Vision 2025 basic concept at the statewide level.

I invite you to visit to keep up with developments in this situation, and resources for fighting the corporate welfare, increased taxes and redistribution of property that have come to be the hallmark of government-run "economic development" programs. Such programs
represent fascism, NOT Capitalism. Capitalism requires FREEDOM, which is the exact opposite of what people like Kirk Humphreys, Bill LaFortune and Brad
Henry want for Oklahomans! I also urge you to join the Oklahoma Capitalists email group as a resource for networking, information, and grass-roots activism at the speed of email! To subscribe, visit

Don't give up the fight! Let's continue to work together for economic freedom for Oklahomans!

Rob Abiera

I think Rob is probably right when he says that the Governor's plan will be about raising taxes for "economic development". I was interested to see that the Tulsa members of the governor's committee were all major supporters of Vision 2025. So at a time when we need to reduce taxes and increase economic liberty, we'll be told that higher taxes are the answer, and I suppose that many Republicans will go along with it, since they already argued that tax increases were necessary for Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Anyway, check out the site. On the home page, there's a link to a story about Moshe Tal's fight against corporate welfare for Bass Pro Shops.

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