Fair zoning lawsuit update


A reminder: The lawsuit for fairness in zoning cases is going forward, and your help is needed for the suit to succeed. Donations are needed to cover legal costs, and volunteer help is needed to handle a variety of details. To donate to the cause, write a check to Zoning Alert Watchman Committee, and mail it to:

Ms. Mona Miller
7211 South Gary Place
Tulsa, OK. 74136

For more information, call Mona at 492-1481.

On the political front, we are still looking for good candidates to run in many of the City Council districts, and the filing period is just two weeks away. Good candidates who are already in the race, like Councilor Chris Medlock, former Councilor Roscoe Turner, and John Eagleton, will need a lot of volunteer help and financial help to prevail.

To help make the case to the broader public, I'd like to collect stories of problems with the zoning and planning process in Tulsa. Whether you were an applicant or protesting an application, if you experienced a situation that seemed unfair or absurd, please drop me a line at blog at batesline dot com and tell me all about it. Please include as many specific details as you can, particularly the location involved, the date of key hearings or events, and the case number, zoning number, or PUD number as appropriate. And let me know if I can use your name, or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. Real-life experiences can help make the case for reform better than dry analyses. Thanks for your help.

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