I'll bet the Whirled won't publish this


My letter to the editor -- 196 words, so they should print the whole thing, but will they?

(Please excuse the spelling, but for this letter I deferred to the way the Whirled spells its own name.)

I was saddened but not surprised by the editorial labeling Councilor Chris Medlock as a "weak link". Medlock is in fact the strongest link on the City Council. He is one of a handful of councilors who will study the issues, ask intelligent questions, and apply independent judgment to make the right decision for our city. He is a champion for the interests of ordinary Tulsans. That is why the Tulsa World wants him out of office.

The Tulsa World uses its pages to advance the interests of its publisher and his associates, without regard for the interests of Tulsans of all races, classes, and neighborhoods. The World's ideal Council consists of nine lobotomized monkeys, who would follow directions without thinking. The World editors skew coverage to make the councilors they control look good and to make intelligent, independent public servants look bad.

Because Chris Medlock insists on fair treatment for Tulsa’s homeowners and taxpayers, World editors have falsely labeled him as a troublemaker. Those who know Chris Medlock appreciate his energy and sense of humor, his devotion to his wife and their foster children, and his love for Tulsa, his hometown. Tulsa needs him on the Council.

There's only so much you can say in under 200 words, so read on for more:

There's a reason the Whirled is losing circulation and laying off staff, and it's not because of a downturn in the economy. It's a downturn in the newspaper's credibility. Too many people have had the experience of attending a public event like a Council hearing, only to see the story in the next day's paper misrepresent what occurred, misunderstand the subject matter, or miss the most newsworthy item. Many people -- myself included -- are still sore over the shabby treatment accorded to the Tulsa Tribune, a far superior newspaper that the Whirled shut down to fatten its own bottom line. Too many Tulsans have seen the Whirled trash a friend or family member, painting a distorted picture of someone they know to be kind and decent and thoughtful, simply because said person is an obstruction to the interests of the Whirled's publisher and his cronies. And with international and national news, sports scores, and comics readily available on the Internet, why read a newspaper that can't be trusted to reliably report local news?

I'll save my critique of their approach to local news coverage for another entry. I'll call it, "How to cover a city election without leaving your recliner."

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