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A web ring is a collection of related sites arranged to allow you to browse through all of them and end up back where you started. Last July, the Blog Oklahoma web ring was started -- I found out about it tonight through It is, as you might expect, a collection of blogs by and about Oklahomans. I've submitted for membership, and have added something to the sidebar (look along the right side and scroll down) to allow you to navigate the webring. The punctuation marks allow you to, respectively, visit the previous site, list the previous five sites, go to a random site in the ring, go to the webring home, list all the sites, view statistics, list the next five sites, or go to the next site in the ring.

Just below that you'll find my "blogroll" -- a list of weblogs I've visited and found interesting -- many of those on the blogroll are Oklahomans as well.

As always, please realize that I cannot monitor and do not endorse all the content on these sites. While I try to be family-friendly, many bloggers assume an adults-only audience and may refer to topics or use language inappropriate for children. These sites still have material that is often thought-provoking, humorous, or well-written. I trust grownups to be able to be at least as discriminating as a cow, able to eat the grass but spit out the sticks. Still, if it gets to the point that the bad outweighs the good in a site I link, I will drop it off my list. Let me know if you follow a link and find that to be the case.

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