Tales of Future Past and the Ephemeral Isle


Lynn at Reflections in d minor calls our attention to a delightful website called Tales of Future Past. If you've been wondering why 21st Century Man isn't whizzing about cloud cities with atomic-powered jetpacks, you need to pay this site a visit.

The site's creator, David Szondy, also has a blog, called The Ephemeral Isle, which some days has a Bleat-like recounting of the days events, sometimes a photo or illustration with a new caption.

Here's a bit from his May 1st entry:

I read an article a while back with the headline ďAre Men Obsolete?Ē I didnít give it more than a secondís glance. It was the sort of piece that editors run every couple of years in the misguided belief that itís sensational instead of fatuous. Iíve been reading that sort of thing about men, pubs, PCs, Western civilisation, white men, white Europeans in particular, and the human race in general over the past thirty years and they all have the same tone. Some tidbit of information about parthenogenesis, we-based applications, wine bars, immigration, or even the weather was the turning point that would herald the extinction of the item in question with the writer, in a fit of revealing wishful thinking, implying that no great loss would be involved. Normally, I donít give any thought to this sort of boilerplate journalism, except that I couldnít help thinking that the answer to ďare men obsolete?Ē is: ďNot as long as women keep moving house.Ē

Start there and scroll down. Don't miss "Famous Last Moments" or "Religion Moves with the Times".

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