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If you can't get to BatesLine at some point in the next two weeks, don't panic.

I've been putting it off, but I've got to get moved to a new server this week. I've picked one out. Now it's a matter of signing up, installing blog software, and migrating everything to the new server. I've been toying with the idea of a site redesign as well, maybe even changing to different blog software. I might even enable contents, but only if I can install a dozen layers of anti-spam protection. Between this and the press of last minute Christmas preparations, expect blogging to be light this week, and at times the site may disappear altogether. (Current advertisers: If there is a lengthy hiatus or interruption, I'll make sure you get your money's worth.)

If you can't reach this site, check my backup site to find out what's going on, and how long I expect the main site to be down.

Content might change in the new year, too. Something happened this last week, something I'm not supposed to talk about, but it was like a kick in the gut, and it's taken away my desire to write about local politics, except in the most general way. It's getting harder and harder to know who can be trusted, who is trying to spin me, and who is telling the truth. Maybe after some rest over the holidays, I'll be ready to go again. But maybe not.

(Just to be clear, I am as certain as ever that I cannot trust the Tulsa Whirled, the bureaucrats at the Tulsa Metro Chamber, or the rest of the Cockroach Caucus.)

In the meantime, there's plenty to be said about plenty of other topics, as you may have noticed over the last few days. I've been wanting to do a series on underappreciated cities, and I've got a few lined up to write about. Back in July, I was in Montreal and took a bunch of pictures to illustrate how good urban design contributes to the liveliness of a city. Maybe I'll finally get around to publishing them. And there are hundreds of articles in my backlog of interesting things that I could blog about, things that keep getting pushed aside out of a sense of obligation to write about City Hall. I intend to continue to post something new every day.

This blog started out as me writing about things that interested me. Local politics began to dominate when I got involved in the opposition to the Vision 2025 tax increases. But as one guy with a demanding job and a family (also demanding), I cannot cover City Hall with the depth and breadth that the subject deserves. I'm thankful to see other blogs taking up the topic.

What is really needed is for the Tulsa Beacon or KFAQ to invest in a full-time City Hall and County Courthouse reporter, someone with investigative skills and a good understanding of city and county government. Until that happens, we're dependent on news-gathering organizations that we can't trust. TGOV's broadcasts of council and commission meetings make it possible to "report" on the event from the comfort of your own home (in pajamas, if you like), but it's not the same as being there and seeing what doesn't get caught by the tape.

That's all for now.

UPDATE: A few folks have e-mailed to express concern, and while I don't think it's appropriate for me to say too much more, I do want to allay some concerns that were expressed. I have not been threatened in any way. It has to do with politics, not personal life. Things are fine with my job and family. Maybe the best way to describe what happened is to call it a friendly-fire incident, which is why it was discouraging in a way that a frontal attack from the Cockroach Caucus would not have been. I'm not going to write about the specifics, because to do so wouldn't be constructive, and in fact would hurt the very cause I was trying to help. It was just the sort of thing that makes one wonder what exactly was the point of all that exertion.

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