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Hooah Wife: "The journal of a Jewish moderate conservative military wife whose husband is deployed to Iraq." Home is "wherever the army sends us," but they're in Oklahoma for now.

Jack Lewis: Another Tulsa-area resident, and a prolific blogger on national and international news, with a very attractively designed website.

Linda's Thoughts: Yet another local blogger, mainly about faith and family. Her latest entry is worth a parent's consideration -- some thoughts about the teachable moment when a child is just settling into bed.

Don Singleton: That's a name that will be familiar to many Tulsa computer professionals and hobbyists. Don is president of the Tulsa Computer Society and involved with Helping Tulsa, a group that refurbishes computers for schools, churches, public housing, and other non-profits. He just started blogging a couple of weeks ago, and has written several entries on social security reform.

A reminder: If you're on my blogroll, but your name doesn't rise to the top when you update, be sure that you're sending a ping to -- check their website to find out how.


Don said:

Sounds like it's about time for Tulsa Bloggers get together or, at least, an Okie-Blogger Tulsa meeting.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll

Your link for Linda's Thoughts is which results in a file not found

Also do you know how to contact Linda and Jack Lewis?

Both of them have errors in their main page listing their feeds

Jack's main page says his RSS2 feed is but it really is
Linda's main page says her RSS2 feed is but it really is at (yes the two slashes are there)

The problem with both is that if you add them as live bookmarks in Firefox, Firefox uses what is in the main page which is wrong (they have the correct info in their side bars)

But I cant find an email address for either one

If you have their email addresses, could you forward this to them

Thanks, Don. I've fixed Linda's link. I'll see about getting word to Jack and to Linda regarding their site feed URLs.

A Tulsa blogger meetup would be great -- we are getting a critical mass. We just need to pick a WiFi-enabled coffeehouse, like Double Shot, and a date and time. If we want to include other Okies, a Saturday afternoon would make it easiest for them t attend without having to make a weekend of it.

Kathy Waldon said:

If you ever decide to have an Okie get together, count me in. Best of luck with your crusade to set the story straight in Tulsa. I don't live in Tulsa, but work there and I listen ONLY to 1170AM and check daily with you to keep me informed.

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