Kansas AG seeks to prosecute illegal abortions, statutory rape

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An AP story, found via Drudge:

In an investigation conducted secretly for months, the Kansas attorney general is demanding that clinics turn over the complete medical records of nearly 90 women and girls who had abortions.

Two abortion clinics are fighting the request in Kansas Supreme Court, saying the state has no right to such personal information. But Attorney General Phill Kline insisted Thursday he is simply enforcing state law.

"I have the duty to investigate and prosecute child rape and other crimes in order to protect Kansas children," Kline, an abortion opponent, said at a news conference.

Kline is seeking the records of girls who had abortions and women who received late-term abortions.

Sex involving someone under 16 is illegal in Kansas, and it is illegal in the state for doctors to perform an abortions after 22 weeks unless there is reason to believe it is needed to protect the mother's health.

So Kansas may see men held accountable for exploiting young teenage girls, and abortionists held accountable for killing babies that had reached viability. A salute to Phill Kline for having the guts to enforce the law in the interests of protecting the innocent.


louielouie said:

off topic post.....

hugh hewitt also has an interesting comment on his site today.

Senators Leahy, Schumer, Kennedy, Boxer, Clinton and Reid have in essence imposed a prohibited "religious test" on nominees for office. (See Article VI, Section III). Senator Specter is worried about the traditions of the Senate. I think he ought to be worried about the Constitution.

it has nothing to do with the separation of church and state. the consitution is specific. there shall be no religious test placed upon anyone who will serve in public office in this nation. HT to HH.

Dodo David said:


The Tulsa World has a history of complaining about any attempt to intervene in the business of abortion clinics, even if there is a legitimate reason for intervention.

There is an explanation for the Tulsa World's position on abortion:

The wife of the Tulsa World's publisher used to be on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.

This connection between Planned Parenthood and the Tulsa World explains why the Tulsa World opposes restrictions on abortions.

Now, the Kansas Attorney General wants to know if Kansas abortion clinics have been providing abortions to girls who are not legally old enough to consent to sexual intercourse.

If abortion clinics have been doing so and have not reported under-age pregnancies to the police, then the abortion clinics have been hiding evidence of crimes against minor females.

I predict that the Tulsa World will publish an editorial that is critical of what the Kansas Attorney General is doing.

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