Show and kvell: Fractional interest


Some kid blog-bragging for a Sunday afternoon:

While we waited for our lunch at Delta Cafe, this is what my four-year old daughter drew, unprompted and unassisted:


Now this is actually a brag on both my kids. Just over a week ago, big brother explained to little sister what he was learning in school about fractions. He evidently explained things well enough that she was able to draw her own examples, and he must have made it interesting enough that she wanted to. When it was time to draw pictures at Sunday School the previous week, she drew fractions. She did it again today at lunch, sticking out the tip of her tongue as she does when she draws, and amazing Mom and Dad. And she was able to tell us that these were halves, thirds, and fourths.

(I think "Show and kvell" will be the category name for entries bragging on the kids henceforth.)

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