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...and not just because no one's hit the tip jar since my Gene Scott post. I'm listening to a replay of Wednesday's Michael DelGiorno show, and he's going through some really interesting connections between political consultant Jim Burdge, campaign manager for Randy Sullivan, Bill Christiansen, and Sam Roop, and who owns the domain for the pro-recall Coalition for Responsible Government; and Wilson Busby, the investigator selected by Sam Roop to handle the Council's airport investigation, and whose law partner was an active supporter of Bill Christiansen -- allegations of favoritism for Christiansen at Jones Riverside Airport is the subject of FAA scrutiny. It's going to take some time to process it all.


Josh said:

Hi Michael, I'm new to Tulsa and I'm trying to figure out what is going on with all these people, the airport scandals, great plains, and the special interests stuff. Is there someplace that explains all this? Something that lays it out or gives a timeline? Thanks!

jbstrick said:

The KFAQ website has information.

This whole thing is amazing. You cant have the 'roommates' investigating each other.

Concerned Citizens said:


These details are certainly confirming the "good old boy" system, aren't they?

Is it time for a GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION of our entire City Government? Seems that with each day, more serious conflicts of interest are revealed. How far will this go, before something legal is done to correct it?

We citizens are busy working hard, raising our children, expressing concern about our community and paying taxes......and we are certainly deserving of accountable elected officials. If they are a "good person" going into politics, we wonder after exposure to the system, are they given a choice: "either join us or you will not last" (this seems to come from the mayor as well as those who manipulate the system to their favor).

And as citizens, if we dare to question the issues, we are treated with extreme disrespect and rudeness! The mayor himself, at the Government Day workshop(as well as other times), has publicly mentioned how vital it is to have citizen input, yet, watch what happens to we citizens, when we try to be a part of the process!!

louielouie said:

Concerned Citizens wrote:

Is it time for a GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION of our entire City Government?

nah. that time passed about twenty(20) years ago.

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