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Here's another opportunity for you to weigh in. I received a complaint recently that grey on white is hard to read. My wife thinks that the font is too big and spread out too far, which means you have to scroll, scroll, scroll to find everything. Some have suggested running two columns -- Tulsa stories in one column and everything else in the other.

What do you think? What would make your BatesLine reading experience more pleasant and productive? I look forward to your comments.


Kevin said:

I would say no to the double column approach, but I would say maybe decrease the font size. I like the Verdana font, but maybe in a size 8 or 9. Another thing that might save some room is to go to a format that shows the headline and just the first paragraph of your story. Then, you could link to the actual story. Just throwing my 2 cents in.

Terry said:

I like the font size but I agree with your wife on the color for us older guys you could use more contrast to make it easier to read

Don B said:

Keep the big font, some of us have old eyes. Maybe darken the type for better contrast.

David S. said:

You can decrease/increase the font in your own browser

Steven R said:

I'd say don’t change any thing. But to a certain extent I wouldn’t care because I use a live bookmark in Firefox that points to http://www.batesline.com/index.rdf. So I never go to the main page anyway.

louielouie said:

HT to david s.

i belong to the special interest group of old eyes.

Cartel said:

Fontsize...Schmontsize. A font of any size or color that is critical of the Cockroach Caucus is pleasing to the eye.

Mr. Green said:

I'm a black on white man, myself. The font size is fine, I don't know why so many websites are going with small fonts. Not that I mind [ctrl][+]ing it, but I don't think tiny text adds much.

The content is the most important and you have that going on.

cadmus said:

I'll jump on the band wagon for white background, black text. Since the font size can be adjusted in the browser, I like the single column for your content. Thanks for asking! :)

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