Critical council meeting tonight, 6:00 p.m.

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We need you down at City Hall once again, if you possibly can be there, to stand up for two City Councilors who are doing the right thing, and to stand up against those who are ignoring the clear language of the City Charter to push this recall through. Meeting starts at 6, but be there early. The items are toward the end of the agenda, but they may get through the early items -- mostly routine -- very rapidly. If you're interested and willing to speak, please come early and seek out Rick Westcott, chairman of Tulsans for Election Integrity, as we'll only be allowed a limited time to make our case, and we'll need to coordinate our efforts.

If you need something to get you riled up, read Chris Medlock's latest entry about the latest blatant example of media bias in today's Tulsa Whirled.


Ron said:


Concerned said:

I think that the 4 who WRONGLY voted for this tonigh...should now be focused on and we should MAKE SURE they are NOT well as the mayor.

mike said:


If you don't like the content, don't hang around. You're not going to change any minds on this website, pal.

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