How to punish the Home Builders

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A lot of Tulsans are angry that the Home Builders Association of Metro Tulsa, dominated by developers based in Owasso and Broken Arrow, are attempting to remove two duly-elected Tulsa City Councilors.

Even residents of the suburbs are dismayed at the HBA's push for recall in Tulsa. If you live in the 'burbs, you may wonder how you can help.

The Tulsa Real Estate Coalition (TREC) of which the HBA is a part, along with the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors (GTAR) and the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP) is not only trying to retake control of the Tulsa City Council, they have either gained or are trying to gain control of suburban city councils as well. TREC's legislative goals are simple -- defend the status quo. The only reform that will be tolerated is that which makes life easier for developers.

Of course, that's their right, to try to influence the political process by helping elect officials who will be sympathetic to their concerns.

But if I were voting for City Council in one of the suburbs -- elections are on April 5 -- I'd certainly take into consideration which candidates received funds or endorsements from TREC or its members.


Medlock'sCheeses said:

Hasn't your man Medlock received TREC money in the past?

David S. said:

While at the Home Show this weekend(no I didn't buy a ticket, we used free ones) I was about to go up to a booth that does fireplace work,since I need some work done on mine. Upon looking at their bright yellow banner we noticed the HBA emblem showing they were a member. I never took a step closer ,not just because of the recall but also from not holding their members accountable for the work that is being done on some of the houses in the Sound Abatement around the airport.

I think Chris did get TREC's endorsement in his first race, but certainly not in his second campaign. I wouldn't use TREC's support as an automatic disqualifier for any candidate, but you need to be aware that they are as determined to control suburban city councils as they are Tulsa's.

Steven Roemerman said:

My wife told me that she wanted to go to the Greater Tulsa Home and Garden Show this weekend. I said, "We canít do that! They are behind the Recall!" I refuse to do any business with or support any one who is even tangentially associated with the recall, I have a long memory, and I donít forgive easily.

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