Map and directions to City Hall

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Here's a link to a map of the Civic Center, from the City Council website. City Hall is the 11-story building in the middle of the plaza, labeled 1 on the map. There's meter parking around the base of City Hall and a parking garage a block west.

The Council Committee meeting room is on the 2nd floor of City Hall.

If you're coming from the southeast, it's easiest to take the Broken Arrow Expressway (US 64, OK 51) into downtown, take the Houston exit, go north (right) on Houston, then east (right) on 3rd. You'll find an entrance to the parking garage on your right, and then just beyond that, an entrance to the surface parking area next to City Hall.

Here's Mapquest's map of City Hall's address (201 Civic Center Plaza). If you follow that link, there's a form beneath the map that allows you to get directions from where you are to City Hall.

The Council committee discussion of the recall petitions and elections will be part of the Urban and Economic Development committee meeting, which starts at 10:00 a.m. The special council meeting, when the Council will vote on the recall petitions and elections, begins at 2:30. For the special meeting in particular, aim to be there at 2, so you have time to find a parking spot and get into the Council committee room before the meeting officially begins at 2:30.

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Those three quick quips in the title above by Roscoe Turner, sums up the Recall Initiative brought forward by non-councilor Randy Sullivan at the Urban and Economic Development Committee Meeting this morning. In context Roscoe summed the whole issue up... Read More


David S. said:

Count one camera being there from me

Michael Nash said:


I'll be there, for sure, by 2:15. Time to take back this city!

Thank you for all you're doing, in the name of righteousness and truth.

Anon said:

I'm certain your map and directions were just enough to get a few people over their inhibitions about getting there. Sometimes it's a matter of familiarity which your map helped them overcome.

Thanks. And, good work.

Those not interested in due process are learning a lesson.

Glad the map was helpful.

Anon, I don't mind anonymous commenters, as long as they're polite, but I would ask that you make up a fake e-mail address that does not include this domain name. E-mail to that address will actually reach me. Thanks.

Anon said:

Sorry Michael, I should've thought of that.

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