More about last night: Let cooler heads prevail

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I don't have time to write any more than this at the moment:

Any feeling that last night's Council meeting was a defeat for the good guys is without basis in reality.

Any anger toward Councilors Turner and Henderson is entirely misplaced. They were not responsible for the adjournment of the meeting. They have been and continue to be faithful friends and allies of Councilors Mautino and Medlock, and I have complete confidence in them. If you missed hearing what they had to say this morning on KFAQ about what transpired last night, you should make a point to listen online as the broadcast replays. They were on the air between 7:40 and 8:30. 9:40 p.m. Friday is the next time that segment will air, then every 3.5 hours until Monday morning. You can hear my comments (originally made about 6:40) -- they'll next repeat at 8:40 tonight and every 3.5 hours thereafter.

Before you wake up in the morning and jump to any conclusions, you should take time to shave your suppositions with Occam's Razor.

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EDITORIAL BY JOHN S. DENNEY, COUNSEL FOR HFFZ: The turnout by those opposing the recall of Councilors Mautino and Medlock at last night's City Council meeting was great. The room was full of "NO RECALL" signs and banners. For those... Read More


Bobby Author Profile Page said:

For some reason the rebroadcasts are not coming up on KFAQ today, at least not for me. The message that comes up in the SurferNETWORK player is:

The station you selected is not available, please try again later.
It has given me that same message all day today.

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