More monkey business: Recall debate moved to 10 am

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Now that the light's been turned on, the Cockroaches are trying to scamper under the counter.

The actual vote on whether to certify the recall petitions and call the election will take place at a special Tulsa City Council meeting at 2:30 p.m. in the Council Committee room 201, on the second floor of the City Hall tower. Non-councilor Chairman Randy Sullivan has moved the debate on those matters to a different meeting, making it as inconvenient as possible on any citizens who might wish to be in attendance. The issues will be discussed during the Urban and Economic Development Committee, which begins at 10:00 am in room 201.

The various Chamber hacks, developer's attorneys, and lobbyists will all be there, of course. Harassing elected officials on behalf of special interests is what they're paid to do. It's inconvenient for them to show up during a Council meeting in the evening, and Randy Randy seems to be only too happy to do their bidding, and only too happy to inconvenience the ordinary Tulsans who have to take off work and reschedule appointments to be in attendance.

Please do what you can to be in attendance for at least one of the two meetings, both if possible. Bring camcorders and audio recorders -- let's make sure we don't miss a word or a facial expression.

I'm also hearing that acting City Attorney Alan Jackere plans to rule that the petition can be certified and the election called without a majority of the whole Council voting in favor. This is despite the clear language of Article 2, Section 6.2 of the city charter: "The affirmative vote of a majority of the entire membership of the Council shall be necessary to adopt an ordinance or resolution."

Jackere has demonstrated a willingness to rule that black is white and to pull precedents out of foreign jurisdictions as obscure as Ghanaian admiralty law -- any means necessary to justify whatever the Cockroach Caucus wants. In light of Jackere's actions in the 71st and Harvard case, Mayor Bill LaFortune's appointment of Jackere as acting City Attorney can only be seen as a demonstration of contempt for ordinary Tulsans and the rule of law. Unfortunately, the only appeal from a City Attorney's ruling is district court.


Jeff Shaw said:

I am NOT an attorney, but recalling my 8th grade Civics class, and with respect to the changing of meetings, I might call everyone's attention to the constitutionally protected DUE PROCESS of law.

Oklahoma Statutes Title 25 section 311 Para. 11 (of the Open Meetings Act) state that Special meetings of public bodies shall not be held without public notice being given at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to said meetings. There are MANY other specific requirements in this statute for Special Meetings. I might invite you all to visit which contain the Oklahoma Statutes.

"Special meeting" means any meeting of a public body other than a regularly scheduled meeting or emergency meeting...

Just to do a simple compare and contrast,

The Tulsa charter at Section 3.1 seems to be in conflict with the State 48 hour requirement requirement (as well as many other requirements). The charter appears to allow for just a 24 hour notice.
Again, I am not an attorney, just making observations.

David S. said:

From what I have read tonight( I'm not the smartest) if it's an Emergancy Meeting you can bypass the 24 hours.

The listed Agenda for the 8th does not state it's an emergancy but is listed as a Special Meeting , with emergancy clauses

If you follow the OSCN link below read #9 and #12

From the City
B. Special Meetings. The Council, the Mayor or one-third (1/ 3) of the members
of the Council may call special meetings of the Council according to the provisions of the
Amended Charter of the City of Tulsa.

C. Open Meeting Act. All meetings of the Council, both regularly scheduled and
special, shall be in conformance with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act. Ord. No. 17581

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