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Finally, a morning I can sleep in -- maybe as late as 7!

I had a great time this week filling in as sidekick on KFAQ's Michael DelGiorno show, as Gwen Freeman did a marvelous job hosting the show during Michael's recuperation. Adjectives fail me -- not enough sleep -- but Gwen is a great interviewer, and I never get tired of listening to that voice. I hope she gets her own talk show some day. (She's already got her own music show on KXBL Classic Country 99.5, every day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) It was a privilege to sit in with her, especially during such an eventful week in local politics.

Rush Limbaugh has often said that being a radio talk show host was like having an adult Christmas every day -- that sense of excitement and anticipation. Despite the early hours, I really looked forward each morning to coming in and commenting on the news.

I may regret this, but if you heard the show this week, I invite your critique -- how'd I do? How could I have done better?

I will be back in studio Monday for my usual 20 minutes, hopefully with a recovered Michael DelGiorno on the other side of the desk. In the meantime, you can listen online for a repeat of this morning's broadcast, which featured Scott Pruitt's lecture on George Washington's Farewell Address, and included interviews with Sen. Tom Coburn and State Rep. Pam Peterson, and a look at Tulsa's Altarnet Film Society, which does a monthly screening of independent films with a spiritual theme.

Blogging will be light this weekend as I get caught up with the rest of my life. In the meantime, be sure to sample the blogroll on the right side of the home page.


Paul said:

I thought you did a good job, considering that you are not trained to do such a thing.

I always enjoy your insight on the local political scene, and a full week of it made it even more enjoyable.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to Monday!

Gary said:

I think you did a fantastic job. You have a face made for radio!

What would be a fascinating and entertaining recurring segment on the MdG show would be yourself and PJ Lassek debating viewpoints on city and neighborhood issues.

CiteeWurkor said:

Excellent job, Mr. Bates! Enjoyed it every morning.
Your commentary is always insightful and meaningful and adds much value.

Don said:

I'll join in the Bates-Admiration-Society. Really enjoyed your input this week. You're not as animated as Michael...but that is probably a good thing. Keep up the great work!

Bland said:

You did a great job this week Mike and your insite and knowledge is next to none.
I too enjoy Gwens voice and her witty pleasant personality.
I'm glad to hear that she is on 99.5 and I will start listening to her come Monday.
Actually either one of you could start your own radio show and it would be well received.
Good job Michael and I can say that all of us in Tulsa appreciate all the hard work and knowledge you bring us!

Al Nichols said:

I thought you did a fabulous job; however, I was not surprised that you did. The other Mike is great also; however, as I told Gwen on Tuesday, he doesn't allow his guests to talk without constant interruptions. Nevertheless we are extremely thankful that he is there. I have often thought that the station should delay Glen Beck and extend Mike's type of program possibly with other hosts such as Gwen, Pat Richardson, Elvis, yuourself, etc.

Jeff Harrington said:

Michael, I really enjoyed this past week listening to you and Gwen in the morning. Keep up the good work letting us know what is happening in Tulsa and hope you get to have more "guest host" spots soon.

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