Recall petition signers for District 2

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Tulsa City Councilor Chris Medlock has posted the list of names of those voters who signed the petition to have him recalled from office. The list is a matter of public record, only now it is easily accessible to the public. Chris has some comments and analysis about the list, pointing out that less than 3% of the registered voters in the district signed the petition. As I noted earlier, less than 10% of those people who bothered to vote the last time Chris's name was on the ballot signed the petition to have him recalled. I'll let you know when and if the list of signers for the petition against Councilor Jim Mautino is made available.


CiteeWurkor said:

Is it just me, or did they hit up a lot of apartment complexes? I guess it was faster to walk 10 steps to each door instead of taking a car and going from house to house?

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