Southern-fried lingo (with cream gravy)

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My friend Dave Russ sends along a link to this 20-question Southern dialect quiz based on Harvard's survey of regional dialects. The quiz looks mainly at word choice: Is the generic term for a soft drink soda, pop, or Coke? Do you carry groceries in a bag, a sack, or a poke? Is the second person plural "you all," "y'all," "youse guys," or "you'uns."

I had a strongly Southern score, which I partly owe to my Connecticut Yankee eighth grade Latin teacher, who taught us to conjugate verbs after this fashion: "I love, you love, he loves, we love, y'all love, they love."

Dave, a Mobile native, only scored a 60, his dialect no doubt compromised by years in southern California and south Florida. I outdistanced him with a 76. Top that, y'all!


TulipGirl said:

Y'all. . . There just isn't a better second person plural in English. . .

soandsosfrnd Author Profile Page said:

I also rcvd a 76. I find it odd that most of my answers rcvd a common or found in Midwest. HMMMMM

OkieBert said:

Scored an 81! But then, I am an Okie .

David S. Author Profile Page said:

62 % for me "62% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score!"

It reminded me of the other common ways to say something that I had forgotten or just got used to not using.

Phelps said:

92. My score has gone up from last time.

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