What's that smell?

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Anyone else notice this? The blooming Bradford ornamental pear trees are lovely, but the smell of the blooms is rather, um, pungent. The mildest way I can say it is it smells like old damp dog food.


Jeff Shaw said:

I noticed that Michael. I was standing between two yesterday. I was certain something had died nearby. I was thinking of either drafting a petition to have them removed, or requesting a variance.

Paul said:

you should go by the TVGuide plaza at 71st & Lewis... you would think that every fish that was in the Arkansas river had died

Dodo David said:

Try living with two such trees in your backyard, like I do. Along with smelling bad, the trees aggravate my allergies.

David S. said:

while I'll feel bad for those who have to put up with the smell, I really do enjoy seeing them in their beauty.

One more sign that spring is almost here

Ann said:

There is a tree in our neighborhood that stinks, also, however, I do not see any Bradford Pear trees. The smell is like something below the waste that's not clean, if you know what I mean. Does anyone know what tree this is?

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