Ethics ordinance on a special meeting agenda for Friday morning

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The proposed City of Tulsa ethics ordinance is on the agenda for a special City Council meeting on Friday, June 10, at 10 a.m., in the City Council committee room (Room 201 of the City Hall tower).

That's a very convenient time for various special interest lobbyists, a very inconvenient time for the rest of us, who would like to see more accountability at City Hall. Hope at least some pro-disclosure citizens can be in attendance to balance things out a bit.

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Historic zoning is at risk and the 1th and Utica Arvest Bank project is on tonight's City Council agenda. See Michael Bates comments on what's going on here. The City's Ethics Code will also be reviewed at a special meeting... Read More


mad okie Author Profile Page said:

Im shocked I tell you, SHOCKED, that the city would schedule a meeting that would make it difficult for the average concerned citizen to attend!

its just another example of the gov't being "for the special interest, by the special interest and of the special interest."

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