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I still haven't bothered to visit the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington's Left Coast glitterati group blog, so I can't even link to it. But I have discovered its parody site -- Huffington's Toast, and it's on my blogroll.

It reminds of National Lampoon's Letters section, from that magazine's heyday in the late 1970s -- brief opinions purporting to be from celebrities. (It took me a few issues to figure out that the letters weren't really by the celebrities named, and, no, that wasn't really Jimmy Carter's cousin writing a monthly column about his misadventures with Brother Billy.)

Huffington's Toast features blog entries that are explicitly labeled "not really by" famous folks. It's written by some of the best satirists in the blogosphere. (See their links under "Arianna and Her Stooges" in the site's right sidebar.)

I especially enjoyed the exchange between evil galactic warlord Xenu* and Sc**nt*l*gy devotee Tom Cruise*, and political consultant Bob Shrum*'s prescription for the Democratic Party. Don't overlook the mugshots for each writer. (In Andrew Sullivan's case, that's the mugshot of Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens, from his 1991 indecent exposure arrest.)

It's frequently updated and always good for a laugh.

(* Not really.)

2 Comments is another one, but there is something wrong with its RSS feed, and it is using htpp rather than http

There also used to be but it seems to have disappeared

Matthew said:

Arianna Huffington... hmm... isn't she the woman that became famous for marrying a moderate Republican senator and being the "token conservative" (but not really) on such shows as Politically Incorrect before eventually switching teams to become a shrill "independent" (but not really) voice against the George W. Bush, uh, "regime" - while also running a fabulously unsuccessful run for California governor?

So now she has a website that purports to be the anti-Drudge?

Meh, I guess it's better than being on the Hollywood Squares. :shrug:

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