Nothing to sneeze at

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Another stem cell research advance that doesn't require destruction of human life: Australian researchers have harvested adult stem cells from the nose which have the potential to be developed into heart, liver, kidney, muscle, and blood cells.

(See my earlier item rebutting Ken Neal's op-ed in Sunday's Tulsa Whirled for more links and information about the ways adult and cord-blood stem cells are already being used therapeutically.)

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Warren said:

According to this article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, only 2% of the 400,000 frozen embryos are ever given to other people.

Even supposing the Snowflakes organization increased that to 50%, an implausibly high figure, that would still result in the death of 200,000 "humans," if you consider 2, 4 or 8 cell embryos to be equivalent to a human being, as you say you do.

Only about 65-70% of embryos survive thaw, not even considering the loss rate during the implantation process.

Presumably then, your convictions would lead you to condemn the practice of freezing embryos (standard in vitro fertilization,) and possibly the entire practice. True?

luke said:

you don't actually expect a response, do you Warren? Bates is not a fan of actually supporting his arguments.

Warren said:

Let's give him a chance.

Warren said:

Luke, you may have a point.

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