Gleanings from Oklahoma blogs: Moon maps, missed train, Little Poison

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This is Class Warfare links to an extraterrestrial extension of Google's brilliant maps site. Be sure to zoom down to the smallest scale to learn the shocking truth!

Mike of Okiedoke took a trip to Fort Worth on Amtrak's Heartland Flyer, which was quite pleasant, but didn't get to come back the same way, which wasn't. Learn how not to miss the train, and what your alternatives are if you do. (Last I read, the Heartland Flyer is the only profitable Amtrak route outside the northeast corridor. UPDATE: Not so. See comments for details from Mike.)

Mike also links to a McCurtain Daily Gazette article, which examines the strange exclusion by the FBI of information pointing to links between the Oklahoma City bombers and the Elohim City paramilitary camp.

Chase McInerney writes about his visit, as a 12-year-old, to the humble Oklahoma County home of baseball legend Lloyd Waner, aka Little Poison. He asks why Major League Baseball still hasn't done anything to provide for the handful of surviving MLB veterans who aren't covered by the MLB pension plan.


As I indicated in in addition to zooming in to maximum to see the swiss cheese, click the right arrow (move east) four times, and you go all the way around the moon, and end up back where you started. The moon is smaller than I thought.

MikeH said:

>(Last I read, the Heartland Flyer is the only profitable Amtrak route outside the northeast corridor.)

That's not what I heard...

Thee 2005 Legislative session has completed with good news. Governor Henry signed HB1078 on June 5th. This bill will provide $2 million for FY2006. Heartland Flyer operation is assured through September 30, 2006, the end of Amtrak's fiscal year. The good news is that the appropriation is annual. The bad news is that the annual appropriation is $2 million short of what Amtrak charges the state each year or about $4 million.

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