"God hates f*gs" protester is a Democrat

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If you assumed that the "Reverend" Fred Phelps was a right-wing Republican, you assumed wrong:

Rev. Phelps has run in numerous Democratic primary elections for governor of the state of Kansas in 1992, 1994, and the last time in 1998, when he came in last with 15,000 votes out of a total of over 103,000 votes cast, or 15%.

Phelps and family campaigned for Bill Clinton in 1992 and was invited to and attended Clinton's inaugural ball in 1993.

Hat tip to Karol, who says she's never been happier to find out someone is not a Republican. Me, too.


Warren said:

Phelps is too pig-headed to switch to the today's most gay-bashing-friendly party, the GOP.

Warren said:

P.S.-Evidently it surprised you too that Phelps is not a Republican.

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