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The replacement as KRMG's morning host is a relatively young guy named Joe Kelley, who was most recently at WBAP in Fort Worth. He has his own website, and his own Movable Type-based blog, The Sake of Argument, which started back in May 2003. (Up until the last couple of months, he seems to have posted pretty frequently.) His blogroll is a pretty good assortment of the top right-leaning bloggers. I've only started to glance through the blog archives, but it doesn't appear that he dealt with local DFW issues much.

He appears to be a conservative, but the more interesting question is where he'll wind up on local issues, about which he is not likely to know much. No doubt the Cockroach Caucus will wine and dine him, but I feel sure that a blogging conservative talk show host will be able to see through their self-serving rhetoric.

Although I'm proud to be a weekly fixture on the Michael DelGiorno show on 1170 KFAQ, nevertheless, as a Tulsan, I'd like to welcome Mr. Kelley to town. If I can be of service in helping him puzzle through local politics, I'd be happy to help.

Wouldn't it be nice to have morning talk show hosts on two different stations shining the light of truth on City Hall and the County Courthouse?


Steve Bragg said:


As a former Tulsan, I'd be interested to hear your opinion of former KRMG afternoon guy Wes Minter (I think that was his name). IIRC, he was canned when KRMG changed their format to add more nationally syndicated programs.

Joe Kelley said:

Hi Michael.

I've been plugged into your blog since long before I ever thought I'd be a Tulsan. I followed with great interest your battle with the Tulsa "Whirled."

Thank you for your "welcome" to Tulsa. I'm very happy to be here. As you noted, I've been an invisible blogger lately as I've been very busy with my move here and, ironically, slow to get Cox Cable to install my HSD connection. And, you're right in that I covered very few local issues in DFW since my radio show was national and I used my blog as a radio supplement.

Now, as host of the KRMG Morning News, LOCAL will certainly be my focus, on both my blog and my radio show.

I'm midway through the UTW article on you. It's great to see a blogger get noticed in the print media.

If you're sincere in your offer to help me "puzzle through the local politics," I'd be willing to take you up on it.

Thank you very much,


Joe, thanks for your note, and I'm complimented to know that you've been reading BatesLine.

I'd love to meet up for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat sometime. And in the meantime if I can answer any questions or provide any background info, feel free to drop me a line.

Again, welcome to Tulsa!

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