Recall: Cockroaches fake LWV calls

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Yet another dirty trick: The pro-recall forces sent out a recorded message with a male voice claiming that the League of Women Voters has reconsidered its position and is now for the recall.

To rebut this fraud, League of Women Voters President Mary Jo Neal was on 1170 KFAQ this morning reaffirming the League's call to vote AGAINST recall. Her op/ed piece opposing recall finally appeared in Sunday's Tulsa Whirled, and it is on the League's website.

We've also heard that a call went out claiming to be from the City of Tulsa urging a vote for recall. The City wouldn't take an official position on a recall election.

The fact that the other side is resorting to lies reassures me that they know they are losing, and makes me hopeful that right will prevail, possibly by a wide margin. But in the unlikely event that one or both councilors are recalled, given the frauds being perpetrated by the pro-recall side, the surviving councilors would have a moral obligation to reappoint the recalled councilors to complete their terms of office.


Alexi Sivana said:

With the faked LoWV and Roberts ads, I almost hope the recall passes. The resulting lawsuits could reveal some interesting names....

Of course, I wouldn't want to pay for the suits, so why should I have any say in that?

Kevin Carson said:

Considering that the LWV is an integral part of local Cockroach Caucuses (they certainly are here in NW Arkansas), it wouldn't be too surprising if they did endorse the recall. The LWV here, like the Junior League, is made up of the wives of the "usual suspects"--the Chamber, City Council, and University board of directors.

That may be the case in NW Arkansas, but in Tulsa the LWV advocated against the recall and authorized a phone message, voiced by Mary Jo Neal, the LWV president, expressing opposition to the recall. Ms. Neal also had a guest opinion in the Tulsa World the Sunday before the election stating the local LWV's opposition to recall.

The editorial page of the World called the LWV "moribund" to try to discredit their opposition to recall, but in fact the local LWV is more active than ever, and their principled stand against recall has attracted new members and volunteers.

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