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Two big wins - Mautino wins by over a 3 to 1 margin, Medlock 60-40. Photos from the victory parties and comments and analysis later.

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Joel said:

Great news! Especially in light of the facts that Tulsans had to wade through so many lies... Next should be some way to punish the Tulsa World. Don't get mad, get even. I may start a blog for it soon.

Anon said:

Congrats to all....maybe someone was listening.

Baja Blobb said:

NEWS FLASH! Bloggers defeat Lortons. Citizens are safe!

oregonsooner said:

Been watching this from the NW...Whirled goes down in flames again.

David Hall said:

I may have to get the Tulsa World tomorrow just to gloat. And then never read it again.

The A Team said:

In true blue Tulsa fashion, eerily reminiscent of the Outsider's, the Greasers whupped the Soc's at the rumble. Except this story has a happier ending, because Dallas and Johnny live on, though bearing scars and bad memories. Tulsa, you make me proud. May we continue to shine with the brilliance of a sunset on our skyline. In other words, STAY GOLD.

Alexi Sivana said:

The A Team,
Totally agree, but it would have been nice to have e wonky-cool song from stan Ridgway & Stewart Copeland to go with the win.... Maybe that could have been the victory dance song.

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