Medlock announces for Mayor, Westcott for Council

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Today at a noon press conference on City Hall Plaza, Tulsa City Councilor Chris Medlock announced that he will run for Mayor in the 2006 election, and Rick Westcott, chairman of Tulsans for Election Integrity, announced that he would seek to replace Medlock as City Councilor for District 2. Medlock was joined by his wife, his mother, and his niece, and by former City Auditor Ron Howell, who endorsed Medlock's candidacy.

Medlock emphasized his intention to build a solid team to run city government and said he would pursue a nationwide search for a certified city manager to oversee day-to-day city operations. Medlock announced several policy initiatives he would pursue if elected Mayor. (Click the link to see the list.) Included is a call for Tulsa voters to reject renewal of the county's 2/12-cent capital improvements tax ("4 to Fix the County"), which expires in 2006, and instead offer city voters a chance to approve the same amount as a city tax to fund Tulsa's police and fire departments.

Rick Westcott, an attorney, announced his intention to run for the District 2 seat during the special election to replace Randi Miller in 2003, but he stepped aside in favor of Chris Medlock. Westcott has been active in the Tulsa County Republican Party ever since as a member of the Executive Committee and as Chairman of the Platform Committee for the 2005 County Convention.

I've gotten to know both of these men pretty well, and I'm happy that Chris is running for Mayor and Rick for Council. Tulsa would be blessed to have both of them serving us as elected officials.

Below is Rick Westcott's announcement press release, which will tell you more about his background and his views on the issues. (If you're seeing this from the homepage, click the link to read on.)

A short time ago, Councilor Medlock contacted me and told me that he was considering running for Mayor. He asked if I would consider running for City Council from District 2. I talked with several people in the Republican Party, some people who are involved in neighborhood associations, my family and my friends. After a lot of thought and prayer, I have decided to run for City Council.

I am a native Tulsan. I grew up west of downtown, in a “blue-collar” family, along Charles Page Boulevard, on what we called “the Sand Springs Line.” I have lived on the west side, in the West Highlands neighborhood, for the past 18 years. I have enjoyed several different careers, all of which, I believe, give me a good background to serve the citizens of District 2. I was a Tulsa Police Officer, a carpenter, worked for a downtown bank, spent nearly 20 years in radio, taught at ORU for 13 years, and have been practicing law for 12 years.

For the past couple of years, I have been active in the Republican Party. I have served as a precinct chairman, served on the County Executive Committee, served on the platform committee for the past three county Republican conventions and co-chaired the platform committee this past spring.

It has also been my privilege to serve the citizens of District 2 for the past two years on the Sales Tax Overview Committee and the Prioritization Committee for Community Development Block Grant funds.

This past winter and spring, I served as the chairman for Tulsans for Election Integrity and helped defeat the efforts to recall Councilors Mautino and Medlock.

I believe that government should first do the basics well. We need to make sure that we provide excellent police and fire protection, provide the best streets, and provide the best water and sewer service possible, to all city homes and businesses.

We should also encourage private development along river, especially the West Bank. I believe the river must be developed, but it should be developed without raising anyone’s taxes.

I believe we should also continue the efforts to make sure that city government operates in an open and fair manner. I will do everything I can to make sure that every person and every business has equal access to city hall and equal access to city contracts. There will be no more behind-the-scenes deals for anyone.

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At a press conference today, Councilor Chris Medlock announced he would run for Mayor and Rick Westcott, local attorney and Chairman of Tulsans for Election Integrity, said that he would seek Medlock's District 2 Council seat. Read all about it,... Read More


Anon said:

The Dynamic Duo?

Actually, Mr. Westcott can run anything I have. I trust him implicitly. After watching him in action during the recall, we couldn't ask for better representation. And, I can't even vote for the guy.

As for Chris, I'm currently onboard. But, a lot depends on the next few months. I'd actually vote for Chris' mom over LaFortune at this point, however.

Chris Medlock said:

So would I, but she won't run.

Joey Author Profile Page said:

I have nothing against those that disagree with Mayor LaFortune and the "Good 'Ol Boy" crowd in Tulsa, but they should pick a different horse than Chris Medlock. After the recall election it is clear that Chris could not win re-election in his own district, but by running for Mayor he can garner the support of like-minded citizens in other districts that he will need to win any election in Tulsa.

I believe our city officials should not only focus on improving our city and running an efficient government, but also act with civility and respect - things that all Tulsa voters deserve and have been denied over the past two years.

I disagree that this is a zero-sum game. It's not Tulsa vs Tulsa County, or Bill LaFortune and Bob Lorton vs the 'good citizens' of Tulsa, or Republican vs Democrat, or South vs North, or Midtown vs the suburbs. It's a community and we should demand community leaders.

Anon said:

>>> After the recall election it is clear that Chris could not win re-election in his own district

This is anything but clear to me. Chris received over 60% of the vote in the recall. Around here, 62-38 is called a 'whitewashin' (alt: 'shellackin'). At least, it was when V2025 passed, only they used words like "overwhelming' and 'easily'.

As for 'civility' and 'respect', Mr. Medlock's demeanor throughout the recall was exemplary. The only lack of those attributes were exhibited by the pro-recall gang, who never missed an opportunity, and created quite a few.

IMO, citizens of his district spoke loud and clear (for a second time).

Joey Author Profile Page said:

60/40 was a good 'shellackin' for the recall, no doubt (not as good as Mautino's 70/30, but good enough). However, it shows that 40% of the people in the district would rather have an *unknown* than Chris Medlock. That's a pretty high number.

This election was made up of three kinds of voters. Those that would vote for anyone except Chris Medlock (40%), those that are likely to always vote for Chris Medlock, and those that are unlikely to vote for Chris Medlock, but dislike the recall even more than they dislike Chris Medlock.

Some portion of voters did not like the recall and the way it was run and voted *against* the recall, even though they do not support Chris Medlock. If that percentage of voters is 10% or higher, he will have a problem in a primary or general election.

I think there is a higher-percentage of voters outside of district 2 that are sympathetic to Chris Medlock's cause and do not mind his tactics, and therefore he stands a better chance in a city-wide election where the sentiments might better favor him. Also, he has succeeded in gaining a high profile within the city, which is like gold in a local campaign against an incumbant, making this a good time to run for Mayor.

Michelle said:

>>think there is a higher-percentage of voters outside of district 2 that are sympathetic to Chris Medlock's cause and do not mind his tactics

Do not mind his tactics? You mean like honesty, and telling it like it is, and standing up for what's good for Tulsa when no one else will? Yep, I like those. And I will volunteer for his campaign. Are you saying those are things that people should have a problem with? Yikes. I hope you don't actually live in Tulsa if that is the case.

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