Voting open for 2005 Okie Blog Awards

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Mike of Okiedoke has posted the nominations for the inaugural Okie Blog Awards. Voting is open from now through September 3, but, just like the Academy Awards, only active bloggers are allowed to cast a ballot.

I'm honored to have been nominated by my blogging peers for Best Blog and Best Political Blog, although I doubt I'll win in either category, given the competition. In fact, I predict that in years to come we'll be referring to the trophies as Chazzes whatever the plural of Chaz is.


susan said:

AUGUST 20TH TULSA WORLD REPORTS "BLOGGER PROMOTES HENRY FOR PRESIDENT" -- the blogger an Illinois political science student touting Governor Brad Henry to run for President in 2008!
Front page Local News! Of course is Tulsa World desperate for news or what? Seems strange Tulsa World sends Mike Bates a letter for using their articles on his website and here Tulsa World on the front page of their Local Saturday paper touting a blogger that wants to promote a DEMOCRAT our current governor that has missed about the most days than any of our governors (or close to it!). When some of my teens were serving at our State Capitol I was up there because one of my children received an award there at the State Capitol. I could not resist asking both Senators and Legislators what their opinion of Brad Henry was. #1 comment was that our Governor Brad Henry is almost NEVER there at the State Capitol. #2 He hasn't accomplished much since becoming Governor. #3 He got voted in as Governor by the skin of his teeth I hate to tell the Illinois
political science student by dirty politics -- the Democrats were desperate to take sure votes away from Largent(who was a member of my church, and is now making a lot more money than he ever would have made as Governor of Oklahoma by the way and living in the thick of it all in Washington, DC. Steve Largent (Republican) was the popular candidate for Governor in 2002. The Democrates used the issue over cock fighting to when votes in Henry's favor because Henry rode the fence on that issue. Henry did not see anything wrong with people watching cock fighting. Now if these were dogs and people allowed their dogs to use the same type horrible type fighting, would we have an issue? Of course! Bring in the Humane Society to save the dogs! But cock fighting -- they never seemed to come to Steve Largents rescue when the Democrats saw nothing wrong with cock fighting as it was a way for some people in Oklahoma to make some money from it. This should be incredibly heart stirring to know Governor Henry would not come out and say how CRUEL COCK FIGHTING WAS. STEVE LARGENT DID AND SAID it should NOT be allowed especially if people want to gamble on such a cruel event. Steve Largent was by far the popular lead for a long time for the 2002 Governor's race. If this student would remember, Henry was practically an unknown during this race. Apparently, some at our State Capitol still think of him as such as he's not around much during his time as Governor at the State Capitol. Don't forget not too long ago, he
left on vacation for a PERSONAL VACATION with his
family and never bothered to tell anyone -- including the Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin. For the record, Lt.Gov.Mary Fallin's office keeps strict
detailed records when the Governor is away.
There are many other complaints about Henry, but if he were to run again for Governor, I sincerely doubt he would win for a second term.
Susan Easter

susan said:

Isn't it interesting the Tulsa World would put on their FRONT PAGE local news "BLOGGER PROMOTES HENRY FOR PRESIDENT".

As stated in my previous post, no overwhelming interest will be for Gov. Henry to serve as our next President. On the blogger's site, the student had received only two e-mail responses to his blog site promotion of Henry, and of the two, one e-mail response was COMPLETELY NEGATIVE
of Henry.

Mike said:

Not to mention, Brad Henry is arguably the worst public speaker of any elected official in recent memory. He sounds like a first-year high school speech student. Can you imagine him participating in a presidential debate? Good grief!!!

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