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A commenter reminded me that I had yet to link to the video of Tulsa Whirled City Hall reporter P. J. Lassek vigorously displaying her agreement with Councilor Susan Neal at Tuesday's council committee meeting. The discussion concerned a subpoena for the original bank transaction records for Great Plains Airlines. Neal was attacking Councilor Chris Medlock's motives in seeking the records of the publicly-subsidized and failed airline.

Thanks to KFAQ's ever-alert Chip Anderson for capturing and posting the video. That's P. J. sitting along the wall on the right, behind and to the left of Chris Medlock.

Steve Roemerman was actually at the meeting -- here's his account.

More comments on the video from Our Tulsa World and Hooah Wife.

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susan said:

P.J.Lassek-- someone was commenting to me today they felt the City of Tulsa was out of money -- how is this they ran out of money to mow properly. If you drive when it is dark and wonder why the lights are not on in some areas such as the expressways, etc in the last year or during Mayor LaFortune's time serving, has the City had to cut back on their electric bill or had trouble paying for lights? P.J. Lassek --as a newspaper reporter, let's see those records
Medlock wants to review and put the review of what he sees in the Tulsa World.

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