But I thought the county was already fixed?

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The latest issue of Urban Tulsa Weekly is online, and my column this week is about Tulsa County's push to pass an extension to the "4 to Fix the County" sales tax:

Tulsa County’s three commissioners are scrambling to put together a list of projects to be funded with a new 1/6th cent sales tax. Although there’s a year to go until the “4 to Fix the County” (4FC) tax expires, county officials are eager to get Tulsa voters to commit at the earliest possible opportunity to pay the tax for five more years.

The reason has little to do with funding critical County government functions, and everything to do with mayoral politics and the balance of power between City and County. While the County has accomplished a lot of good with 4FC, the question Tulsa voters should be asking is, “Who needs the money most?”

Read the whole thing, as they say.


Bill Roach said:

Excellent article! It is good to see someone put numbers together to identify true need or lack thereof.

Bill Roach said:

Somewhat off the subject, but still related to the county and fiscal responsibility. I have a friend who is a Tulsa County Sheriff's deputy. He told me he was number one on the list to get a motorcycle and become a motorcycle patrol officer. I told him I hadn't seen deputies on motorcyles in several years. He responded that since the Sheriff's department took over the operation of the jail, now they have money to get new equipment such as motorcycles. The taxpayers were led to believe from Sheriff Glanz that the jail would be operated on a cost basis. His rhetoric was "we are not out to make a profit." The numbers support that the Sheriff can operate the jail for less than CCA but, obviously they are making some profit if the ability to purchase new vehicles is from jail revenues. I also find it ironic that the Sheriff's department has already allowed two escapes from the jail. Have we been duped by Sheriff Glanz so the department can have new toys?

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