PSO vegetation management meeting tonight

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A press release from the group that has been trying to moderate AEP's aggressive tree-trimming policy. Apparently there have been some changes in AEP's practices and polices:

There will be a public meeting at beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 9/13/2005, at Wright Elementary School, 1110 E. 45th Pl. (1 block west of Peoria). The purpose of this meetingis to discuss AEP's "vegetation management" program. Homeowners will be advised about their rights and responsibilities and informed about recent changes in AEP's practices and policies regarding vegetation management.

All citizens who live in AEP's Oklahoma service area are cordially invited and encouraged to attend.

For information please call Valerie Vonhartitzsch at 749-2848, Shannon Hall at 520-2258, or Herb Beattie at 749-4586.

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Dave said:

If AEP's new policy is reflected in the work last week along Washington (East 91st St) in Broken Arrow, it means that they have given up trimming trees near the powerlines, but are eliminating them altogether. Perhaps this is just as well for I do not believe the company hired to do the removal has any expertise whatever in tree grooming. They are glorified wood-cutters, that's all.

It also appears that some of the "missing" trees fall outside of the 10 ft. utility easement. Wonder if the homeowners gave their permission?

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