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I guess I'm a real celeb now. I'm at Shades of Brown tonight to work on a writing project, and when I ordered my coffee I learned that there is a bit of rivalry between this coffeehouse and Double Shot over which media types frequent which coffeehouse. Jamie, the blogging barista at SoB, had boasted to a friend who works at Double Shot that I frequented the cozy caffeine station in Brookside. She said that he sent her a taunting text message to notify her that I had just walked into Double Shot.

All I want to know is, when do I start getting free coffee to buy my loyalty to one place or another?


Jan said:

I'm guessing you'll have to put in a plug for their coffee/atmosphere/treats!

Not a problem! They both have great coffee, great snacks, and great atmosphere. Double Shot is bigger, with high ceilings and a more open plan, and they've got the big Vittoria coffee roaster that they run every Tuesday. Shades of Brown is smaller, cosier, with a couple of back rooms nicely suited to small meetings or study groups, and a window that fronts on Brookside. Shades also uses handmade ceramic mugs and saucers, which is a nice touch. Both have a good collection of reading material, some board games, free Wi-Fi, and plentiful power outlets. Double Shot has a kids' table, and somewhat more convenient parking, but I don't think they have a blogging barista.

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