Taxpayer-funded campaign literature

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I just received a 3-page Microsoft Word document, bearing the City of Tulsa seal and "Office of the Mayor" letterhead. The file, named MayorFacts-Accomplishments2005.doc, is dated July 2005, lists Kim MacLeod, Community Affairs Manager for the Mayor's Office, as the contact. The document's title is


Based on information in the file, the document was authored by mayoral aide Karen Keith. It was created by city employees on city computers and issued on official city letterhead, all at public expense.

I'll dig into the specifics of LaFortune's claimed accomplishments at another time. The more basic question is this: What legitimate public purpose is served by this document? What justifies spending taxpayer money on researching, writing, and distributing what amounts to a campaign brochure?

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had to pass this #$%^ on… Found this here over at Batesline Date: July 2005 Contact: Kim MacLeod, Community Affairs Manager, 596-7803/ 527-0164 MAYOR BILL LAFORTUNE ACCOMPLISHMENTS & INITIATIVES APRIL, 2002 – JULY, 2005 • R... Read More


Jeff Shaw said:

Well, I guess it gave Karen Keith something to do. Whether that is legitimate, I suppose depends on your perspective. Don't politicians know how to strip metadata by now?

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