A neighborhood and the airport

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Mad Okie has a report from his neighborhood meeting, and it provides some useful perspective on the airport noise abatement issue and a rebuttal to those who blame the homeowners for being there in the first place.

Dave Schuttler has video of the meeting and a map showing noise contours around the airport.


susan said:

Some at this meeting have lived there and KNOWN that airports DO MAKE NOISE. After all, what is their business? Planes flying in and out! We live in another area of Tulsa and we have helicopters and planes flying over our neighborhood sometimes. It's on the way to the airport so planes fly lower and are louder. Like any responsible home buyer, you would look at the property you are going to buy and check it and look all around what is built and see if that is the area you as a buyer are accepting living in that area. Any responsible future homeowner should do that. Land and homes in the airport area are far less expensive than other areas of Tulsa County. Homes in those areas surrounding the airport are smaller and many homes and businesses are NOT well kept up. In North Tulsa as you leave the zoo or airport, it looks as though businesses
were selling to drug addicts and thieves. Some have bars on windows and doors and special provisions for safety. Some businesses and homes look as though they are
abandoned. Homes are not as well kept up cheaper quality of home and not as
well built as other areas of Tulsa. All that adds up to driving property values down. If you have neighbors or businesses that don't have
what realtors call 'CURB APPEAL' it drives property values down.

Some neighbors in Tulsa County might have more
annoyed problems from teenagers that go up and down their streets with boom boxes or safety issues. That's why it's good to have neighborhood associations.

People that lived closed to the Arkansas river on Riverside used to have terrible problems with a bad smell. At one time they also had a flooding problem. Now downtown looks like a ghost town and the T.W. is biased and wants the taxpayers to be all excited about the ARENA. Same problems with downtown are some of the same problems are people living around the airport have. BAD CURB APPEAL!!!!!!! Who is wondering the streets at night. What type of businesses are doing business late at night? Is some property run down -- YES. Does some property look abandoned -- YES! Do most feel safe downtown when it is dark -- NO. Are there people around drunk or beggers asking for money?
Why does the Tulsa World not have a pretty
building like the Arena -- if they wanted their own newspaper business property business to go up, why did the Tulsa World not invest themselves in buying other property downtown and building a decent looking building if they like the Pelli architecture so much? The Lorton family personally invest in property for themselves as homeowners -- but you won't find their home really close to downtown. Their homes are in a safe part of town, a well kept part of town aren't they? The Tulsa World instead of putting their money buying up property themselves downtown, they used the VISION project
with many staff writers promoting that project that would enhance the area to their business.

susan said:

Mad Okie did have a very useful perspective on the airport abatement issue. South Tulsa residents do complain because of the airplane
noise. Many good people do NOT choose to choose to
be involved in a lawsuit which they could easily win for religious reasons and/or the money it will take to pay the extremely high attorney bills until your case is finally settled.

susan said:

The City Council has been debating whether the city should step in and pay the $7.5 million BANK OF OKLAHOMA loan debt that the Bank of Oklahoma made to the now defunct Great Plains Airline.
Since the Bank of Oklahoma wants to ensure the Bank of Oklahoma Center is among the most beautiful and most marketable facilities in the country, will the Bank of Oklahoma want "NAMING RIGHTS" if they WRITE-OFF their Great Plains Airline loan as a BAD DEBT and then the Bank of
Oklahoma will "appear" as the big hero again?

In the real world of bank loans, do you think any normal Oklahoma entrepreneur could go to the Oklahoma State Capitol and send in a democrat to MAKE THE SALES PITCH and lobby the legislature and senate on special funding, turn around and make a deal with Bank of Oklahoma? We had a democrat mayor of Tulsa at that time -- of course it seemed like a great business deal to them.

What's that going to look like if the BOK gets naming rights to the ARENA and then TULSA
possible people will be flying in to Tulsa to
buy tickets for events at the ARENA?
(who was the firm hired to raise private dollars for the arena?)

Will Bank of Oklahoma start helping people in the airport / zoo district clean up their neighborhoods by giving special low-interest home/business improvement loans as an incentive to beautify Tulsa when people fly in and see the shape of what the airport district looks like?

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