Keeping tabs on the blogosphere, part 3

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Over 20 tabs open in Mozilla, and I'm feeling guilty about not sharing all this bloggy goodness with you. No commentary, just links to stuff worth reading. Here goes:

Eric Siegmund takes apart a silly National Newspaper Week ad which calls letters to the editor "the original Web Blog". Saving me the trouble of commenting, Charles G. Hill has exactly what I would have written -- something I actually did write in a similar context last year -- and compares the count of "letters to the editor" (aka comments) published on Dustbury to those published by the Daily Oklahoman. (By the way, the Whirled's letter lag is now closer to three weeks. Last Sunday there was an op-ed by an editorial writer in response to letters in that same edition, letters which were written prior to the gas tax vote.)

Mister Snitch! links to Jay Rosen, who says that the New York Times has abdicated its place as the Paper of Record. Snitch disagrees with Rosen's conclusion that the Washington Post has taken its place and has an interesting metaphor for the position that the MSM is in.

Blogging counselor/pastor Bowden McElroy has some challenging observations on what it takes to make a marriage work, along with some of his recent web finds of interest.

Lots of good stuff on JollyBlogger -- I don't even know where to begin. Are Calvinists saved? John Calvin on beauty. An intro to theonomy. An intro to postmillenialism. (Did you know that many Bible-believing Christians don't believe in the Left Behind / Scofield Bible / "Thief in the Night" concept of the end times?) And an appreciation of one small piece of M. Scott Peck's writing. And the one that really got my attention, "We don't always have to ask questions of conscience," which deals with the issue of how a Christian should spend money and time and calls to mind the notion of "terminal thinking" and "relational thinking" that was drilled into me in Campus Crusade.

(I said no commentary, didn't I? Sorry.)

If you're testing to see how your site deals with different user agents or copes with referral spam, wannaBrowser is a very cool tool.

Some other useful links on referrer spam and using Apache's .htaccess file to deal with it: fighting referrer spam by restricting IP addresses, a comprehensive guide to .htaccess, how referrer spam works and how to fight back, a sample .htaccess file, and why using .htaccess to fight referrer spam is futile.

Ronnie Barker, a British comedian who specialized in sketch comedy and was star of a couple of classic sitcoms, has died. The BBC has a collection of Ronnie Barker's best lines, including these fake news items:

The man who invented the zip fastener was today honoured with a lifetime peerage. He will now be known as the Lord of the Flies.

The toilets at a local police station have been stolen. Police say they have nothing to go on.

(That last one reminds me of a certain award-winning headline.)

And that's goodnight from him me.

The Technorati tags for this entry are going to be a mighty strange collection indeed.

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susan said:

I think there was someone from the Tulsa Zoo staff (or a discussion from someone talking about the creation display) in the Tulsa World a while back why the Zoo board was talked into not allowing Dan Hicks(architect) to have biblical creation display where the
Zoo allows another theory for all to see which less than 20% in the U.S.actually believe in the theory the zoo board allows. The reason someone from the Zoo said Dan Hicks creation display could not be at the zoo is Christians are evangelical -- they all just want to spread the "good news". "all" Christians are evangelical?????? They are all out spreading the "good news" to others? Ignorant statement. Immediately when I read that in the newspaper, the Calvin
christians came to my mind. Nope, they are NOT out soul winning or hitting on doors. THE BEACON did an excellent photo display in one of their newspapers of all the religious displays that are allowed. As you enter the zoo after you have paid, you immediately can see one of the religious displays. Other forms of religious displays are all over the zoo, yet the creation display -- nope the Tulsa zoo board first approved it then others talked Walt Helmerich and another board member into voting against it. Considering this is Tulsa and home to
ORU and RHEMA and Victory Christian and Church on the Move and Willie George ministries that for some reason has many buses of people come to that church to hear Christian beliefs, why do the minority (such as "friends of religion" the tiny church that has the pastor that opposed the display) why did Tulsa World give so much front page news to the opposition of the creation display?

susan said:

Considering Oklahoma is a high divorce state, I wonder what would happen if the Governor of Oklahoma would ask the Gideons to offer the
Christian book titled "MAN IN THE MIRROR" free to those that ask and
other helpful marriage therapy on-line. Young teens that rush into marriage, many have no role models of a dad and/or mom that influenced their life to know what it takes to have a good marriage and to stay happy.

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