Lifeboat scenario

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Tom Ascol, at Founders Ministries Blog, writes from the southwest coast of Florida about a dilemma which would break the heart of any booklover: A hurricane is coming; which books do I save?


Dan Paden said:

Some of Tom's comments vis-a-vis prayer and hurricanes made it into the Sunday School lesson this week. I always get something from his perspective.

Speaking of books, turns out another Founder's dude (Nettles)has a book--By His Grace and for His Glory--and it just happens to be available right now for a pittance at I think you can count on seeing that one reviewed in the next month or so.

susan said:

My sister has survived multiple Florida hurricanes and most that are true survivors know to have a special secure storage unit or some other place that is secure for valuables. She is starting to write a book how God protects her and provides all of her needs as well as many people she has helped. She works in a hospital and is also a hospice volunteer. My brother survived Hurricane Andrew and the Red Cross and Federal Government did not provide the same financial assistance to those in Homestead where it was also complete devastation.

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