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Mister Snitch asks, "What happens when liberalized eminent domain laws meet corrupt politicians?" And he has the answer, by way of recent example.


susan said:

An example of CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC politicians is in the T.W. today about FORMER State Sen.Gene Stipe. STIPE pleaded GUILTY from Stipe's scheme to funnel $245,189.00 in ILLEGAL contributions into a democratic 1998 campaign MISLEADING federal investigators. STIPE's has now been ordered by his United States Prob.Officer to stop associating with the son of a fomer mayor that was convicted of federal MAIL FRAUD. Stipe and Covington also had pre-existing employment arrangements. How does Stipes bad behavior not surprise anyone? STIPES
is an embarrassing example of what we had in office for years at the Capitol. Now Gov. Henry wants to run for Gov. again. Henry has taken off for free time more than any other Gov.
He even went on vacation with his family and did not even tell anyone!!!!!! It's in Lt.Gov. records so you can check with all the days off Henry has taken. I THINK IT'S TIME TO PUT A REPUBLICAN AS GOVERNOR AGAIN IN OKLAHOMA.

Mr. Snitch! said:

As per your post, O'Connor did indeed say that, yet the right is presently complaining and hand-wringing over her re Miers. Doesn't the right revere personal rights to property and the like? Did I step into the Bizarro world by mistake?

Jeff Scott said:

You ask "What happens when liberalized eminent domain laws meet corrupt politicians?" A private toll bridge in south Tulsa.

Mr. Snitch, I guess I haven't followed the Miers debate closely enough to know what you're referring to. I certainly revere personal property rights, and I'd be concerned about confirming a justice that had past involvement in eminent domain abuse. When I read, in the President's radio address, that Miers had been on the Dallas City Council, I wondered if, as a Councilor, she had ever supported condemnation for economic development.

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