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Now that I've had the linkblog -- that list of short takes on stuff I've found on the WWW -- up for about a month, I'm curious to know what you think of it. Useful? Distracting? Too tiny to read? An indication that BatesLine has jumped the shark?

If you're wondering where the stuff that scrolled off the bottom went to, you'll find an archive of all previous linkblog entries here. At some point, I'll probably set up monthly archives.


W. Author Profile Page said:

I like it fine, but since my site's been the beneficiary of the list a couple times, my opinion is no doubt biased.

The only problem is that it takes up so much space that you can't see even Bates' most recent post.

Or this could be an advantage for some people. ;-)

It's one of my daily look-sees.

The link you had up there about Gmail was particularly disturbing.

Makes me wanna go back to using my host's email server...

Anyway, you should try to make a separate RSS feed out of it. Now THAT would be cool.

W., I'm not sure what's happening -- I see your comment in my blog control panel, and it's preapproved since you use TypeKey, but it's not showing up on the site.

I've thought of making the linkblog a column, maybe running down the left side, but I hate to narrow the main body of the blog, in case I decide to post a photo.

Mee, I like the RSS feed idea. That shouldn't be very hard to do, just another little exercise in PHP programming.

The other feature I'd like to add is an aggregate of links to the latest posts from the feeds of blogs on my blogroll, or perhaps from a high-quality subset. (Route 66 News and MeeCiteeWurkor would of course make the cut.) I just have to figure out a way to do it that isn't too much of a computational or bandwidth burden on my hosting provider.

OK, something weird is happening with the comments. W. posted a comment through TypeKey; it's preapproved but it isn't showing up. I just posted a comment through TypeKey -- same problem. I'll have to see what's going on. (This is being posted sans TypeKey.)

More weirdness: Looking in the comment database table, W.'s comment had a 0 in the comment visible column, mine had a 1, but neither one showed up. I turned the 0 into a 1, rebuilt the entry, and refreshed, and all seems well. Sorry.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I like it. I have gotten to many interesting sites that I normally would not have seen.

aggregate of links to the latest posts from the feeds of blogs on my blogroll, or perhaps from a high-quality subset.
I bet Bobby at TT could help you with that. He's got the stuff for the TulsaBloggers aggregate page. You're right about your host, though. That may burn a bunch of server CPU power.. or not.

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