You've graduated from that ol' sucker stage


From Rich Kienzle's liner notes to "Boot Heel Drag: The MGM Years" -- a great 2-disc collection:

Bob [Wills], hip enough to conceive an unconventional salute to the older set, asked Cindy Walker to write a song with this title. "I thought he meant one of those (sentimental) things like 'Darling, when your hair has turned to silver... don't be ashamed," Walker recalled. "So when I said, is this what you mean? Bob said, 'No I don't mean anything like that. I mean DON'T be ASHAMED of your AGE! I'm talkin' about people late in life that have done everything, so don't be ashamed -- you've had it all.' I thought about it a little and I finally got the idea." Wills's reaction to the finished tune was succinct. "Yeah," he replied, "that's exactly what I mean."

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age

(By Bob Wills and Cindy Walker. Recorded 10/30/47. Features Tommy Duncan on vocals, Eldon Shamblin on rhythm guitar, Tiny Moore on mandolin, Joe Holley on fiddle.)

Don't be ashamed of your age.
Don't let the years get you down.
That old gang you knew
They still think of you
As a rounder1 in your old hometown.

Don't mind the grey in your hair.
Just think of all the fun2 you've had
Puttin' it there.
As for that old book of time
You've never skipped a page3
So don't be ashamed of your age, brother.
Don't be ashamed of your age.

Listen, Mr. Smith, Mr. Brown,
Don't let your age get you down.
Life ain't begun
Until you're 40, son.
That's when you really start to go to town.4

Don't wish that you were a lad.
Why, boy, you've lost more gals5
than they've ever had
And, listen, you've graduated
From that ol' sucker stage6,
So don't be ashamed of your age, brother.
Don't be ashamed of your age.

1I used to be rounder than I am now, but otherwise, no.
2That was fun?
3I was prematurely responsible and went through my first mid-life crisis at age 29. Now I'm hoping for a headstart on my Second Childhood.
4Boy, I sure hope so.
5Only if you count the ones I never had in the first place. Only ever had the one, and I haven't lost her yet.
6Boy, I sure hope so.

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