A little benzoyl peroxide will clear that right up

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To the young lady who waited on me in the department store this evening:

I felt sorry for you, as I walked toward your counter with my purchase. From 30 feet away I could see the bright red spot there at the fold of your nostril. That's a spot that's prone to clogged pores, I thought. It was obviously inflamed, festering. It almost seemed shiny.

When I got to the counter, I realized it really was shiny, and it was a tiny red gem, not a zit. (It might have been a carbuncle, albeit not the kind you lance.)

You seemed to have a flawless complexion, and you must spend a lot of time caring for it. Why would you mess it up with a piece of jewelry that looks like a bad skin condition? Are you wearing it to demonstrate solidarity with your acne-afflicted peers?

I don't get it. Do any of my fellow fortyish fogeys get it?


susan said:

Public schools cannot rely on parents to teach their own children how to dress properly, so now they are considering uniforms. There was a story of a Bishop Kelly student in the high school section of a recent Friday T.W. and her one time to get a big color photo of herself in the T.W., she wears a low improper t-shirt (bad taste considering she was a student of Bishop Kelly -- a Catholic school that during school time displays religious modesty) For jeans, she selected jeans with both knees ripped out and big holes show her knee caps. Dress for Success -- where are you? It's not like she could not afford to dress more appropriately -- she talks about taking a trip to Egypt -- an expensive cost at the expense of a "non-profit" . Raising several thousand could simply be getting her parents to get their well to do business friends to make a generous donation to the Egypt fund. I don't think she went door to door selling her necklaces or calendars like the girl scouts do. I enjoyed her wonderful spirit of caring for the Egypt children and their need for education. I wonder if she dress with any "piercing" or had that low cut t-shirt on in Egypt with those holes in her jeans. Is that what Egypt little school children think of rich American culture dress?
Holland Hall has them dress code, Bishop Kelly, and other private schools. When high school students, college students have jobs, many business find the nose piercing, tongue piercing, naval piercing, multiple ear piercing, etc. bad business dress so employees must take the jewelry out or put a small bandage to cover up the "jewel".

Mel said:

They want to show their individuality "just like everybody else".

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