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We were at a very entertaining Christmas program at our church tonight, a dinner theatre play called "In Bethlehem Inn," written by John Carter. The audience members are guests eating at the inn as strange things begin to happen outside. It was well written, well acted, and well directed -- with a lot of very funny moments. (The innkeeper's conniption upon realizing the star is hovering over his house is priceless. He does not regard it as a good omen.)

No time to write more tonight, but I do want to call your attention to some good blogging elsewhere.

Dan Paden is on a roll over at his badly misnamed No Blog of Significance, making a point about the Piltdown Man hoax, expressing some cynicism about LaFortune's "citizens' commission", analyzing the latest Mayoral race polls, and telling us about the subversive literature his 16-year-old reading.

Bobby's got his latest Tulsa Topics podcast up, with coverage of Friday's press conference by Tulsans Defending Democracy, the opposition to the at-large councilor petition.

Dave Schuttler of Our Tulsa World has video from recent public meetings, including a City Council discussion about the proposed 50 cent wireless phone tax, from an airport official's appearance before the Board of Adjustment (direct link to WMV video file). And he's keeping an eye on Cinnabar's involvement in Vision 2025.

Steve Roemerman links to some sites where you can test the permeability of your computer network's firewall.

Chris Medlock has comments on the Tulsa Beacon's opposition to the new "4 to Fix the County" sales tax.

Don't forget to mail your Christmas card to the ACLU. And don't forget to vote in the 2005 Weblog Awards. (If you're a nominee and a reader of this site, and I overlooked your blog, please let me know.)

Updated links October 28, 2017. Unfortunately, the item about subversive literature is gone, but I seem to recall Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion was involved. A later entry mentions a conversation about Luther's Bondage of the Will. David Schuttler's video links need the Windows Media Player plugin, but I've added a direct link to one of the video files; the other one is missing from the archive. I added a link to the publisher of the Christmas play.


will said:

I wonder if (A) the increasing number of domestic customers going to VOIP service (Skype, Cox, etc.) pose the same challenge to E911 geolocation, and if so, (B) will they see any benefit from this tax on mobile phone service, or will there be yet another vote in the future to add similar surcharges to IP telephony as it gains market share and increases the challenges to emergency response?

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