City getting a bit overzealous with campaign signs

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A City of Tulsa work crew has been removing legally-placed campaign signs from private property, apparently for the "crime" of being visible from an arterial street. Tulsa Topics has the story. He's also got photos of another obnoxious campaign sign technique -- sandwiching your opponents signs so that they aren't visible.

By the way, I am going to post something regarding the controversy that was aired on KFAQ on Monday morning, involving Michael Covey, Bill Christiansen, and Christiansen's proposed bridge resolution but it's not ready to publish yet. Tomorrow I hope to have it online.


bledsoe said:

Certain campaigns have also been getting a little over zealous. Yesterday, numerous Randi Miller signs appeared along the City right-a-way along 15th Street, between Boston and Peoria. I mean lots of signs--at the expressway ramp exit--on park land and in front of the McDonalds at 15th and Peoria.

Bob said:

The Sign Ordinance is a blatant anti-Free Speech measure.

Haven't our City workers got anything better to do than pick up campaign signs? Maybe they could like pick-up some REAL roadside trash, or shovel some asphalt into a few of the many, many potholes obstructing our city streets.

Instead, they are used as SA street toughs to shut-down dissident voices in our city, with the TULSA POLICE DEPARTMENT patrolling as "spotter"s for the Publik Werkes Sturm Abteilung.

For small, underfunded Grass Roots campaigns that rely disproportionately on campaign signs to get out their message, the Ordinance is the local power establishment's "legal" measure to stifle voices speaking against our long-entrenched local rulers harmful domination in our Banana Republic of Tulsa.

This sign ordinance has absolutely NO EFFECT on well-financed campaigns like Kathy Taylor, Don McCorkell, Bill LaFortune or Randi Miller, financed by the mid-town Elite, Metro Chamber of Commerce coven and Metro Wannabees, who channel there message through mass-media buys in the local Monopoly newspaper and local TV channels, garnering reciprocal positive-puff-piece "news" articles to recompense for placement of the mass media buys.

Yes, generous ads DO influence how our local news is covered.

Just think how much good will all those years of repetitive media buys by ONG have bought in repeating the serial half-truths spouted by ONG Spokemans Don Sherry that "ONG makes no profit from the sale of gas to consumers".

Ummhh, ONG, the Lorton's World or local TV just sort of won't mention that the ONG parent - ONEOK makes zillions from sales of gas to its captive subsidiary ONG, which in turn is allowed a straight PASS-THROUGH of these costs to captive rate-payers.

And, in the ONEOK gas trading department, every BAD trade lands on the Oklahoma rate payers, and every GOOD deal lands in ONEOK's trading account profits. Corp. Commissioner Bob Anthony was on to this gaming of the rate payers, and he just almost got the goods on the ONEOK buccaneers.

It is not Mr. Christiansen's proposed bridge resolution - it is the STCC's proposed bridge resolution that was brought to the city council by their representative on that council. Representative government works like that.

"Haven't our City workers got anything better to do than pick up campaign signs?"

lol.. Yeah, while the 5 or so city employees that are out removing signs, the other 4000 of us are sitting around holding shovels cheering them on.

Und wir sind keine Sturm Abteilung, wie sie es so schoen genannt haben. Wir sind echte Leute, die jeden Tag zur Arbeit gehen, genau wie Sie.

Kevin said:

Crime rate is up in Tulsa.
And now to read that Tulas Police are overseeing the theft of signs and approving of it, it is no wonder crime is going up.

But when your undermaned, underfunded, and in most cases underpaid, you start to lose interest in doing the very best you can do.

Maybe Chris should invest in some signs with electrical voltage, so when they try to steal them they will get a wake up notice. Or some signs that would leave red or blue paint on their hands.

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