On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

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... a big, beautiful, boy baby!

He was born at 7:41 a.m., weighing 10 lbs., 0.3 oz., 21" long, with a 15" head circumference. Apgars were 8 and 9. Absolutely perfect. Mother and baby are fine. (It was a scheduled repeat C-section.) Praise God!

He was raising his head shortly after he was born. His foot barely fit on the inkpad they used for footprints. He has been able to nurse, although he's still in that first-day drowsiness and more interested in snuggling than eating. Around 7 tonight, he opened his eyes long enough to give us a good look. It looks like, for now at least, he has blue eyes like both his siblings.

This afternoon he met his big brother and big sister (who is very happy to be a big sister) -- both got to hold him -- his grandpa and grandma and grandmother, his cousins and aunt, and some family friends.

We are blessed to have three beautiful, healthy children. Thanks for your prayers.

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David S. Author Profile Page said:

Wow!! Hey congratulations

Missy said:

Yay!!! We are rejoicing with you! He's beautiful!

Dan Paden said:


That's about the size my older boy was when he was born. Now that he's sixteen, he's becoming a virtual Goliath. And you don't even want to know what he eats...

Brian said:

Congratulations Michael. That is one big boy!

Bobby Author Profile Page said:

And to think... I just got a gift card. Congratulations on your new baby boy!

CGHill said:

That look of serenity - it's priceless.

MikeH said:

Good job!

Oh, you too, Michael.

Mel said:

Huge Congrats Michael!!

Don said:

Awesome! Congratulations!

Bob said:

Heartiest Congratulations!! Looks just like a chip off the old blog.

Too bad about the timing for an additional 2005 Federal Income Tax Personal Exemption.
Need for better Tax planning indicated.....

Best wishes,

Steve Denney said:

Delighted to see the latest addition to your family. Our best wishes and congratulations to Mikki for delivering a ten pounder---Wow! Whether it's dirty diapers or the Whirled's editorials, we hope you continue to find the energy to deal with them when they stink.

Steve, Alicia, Stephanie
Sandra and Susan

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

Congratulations! Im so happy for you all!

Zelda said:

Congratulations. Your baby is beautiful.

Jeff said:

PTL! Big beautiful baby Boy. We have some friends expecting a boy and plan to name him Winston. How about that for your name contest.

The Rookers

susan said:


Thanks, everyone, for the kind wishes.

Dan, if my boy reads as voraciously (and as selectively) as yours does, I'll be happy for him to eat as voraciously, too.

Bob, nice pun. We did consider the tax implications, but the insurance deductible implications -- too complicated to go into -- far outweighed them.

Charles, holding him makes me almost as serene as he looks in that picture. 2005 was a rough and unpleasant year in many respects, but having this healthy, not-so-little fellow to hold more than makes up for it.

Bob said:

Michael, the kid is positively HUGE!

Looks like he can get up right now and walk to Kindergarten already!

The bottle says "ONE" pre-natal vitamin per day; NOT FIVE!

Check the Label, Mikki, next time!

(All the above offered as certifiably tongue-in-cheek.)

Again, Wonderous congratulations!

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

What a blessing! Many congrats. God is very good, indeed.

soandsosfrnd Author Profile Page said:

Oh my, what a handsome man you have there. He is perfect. Enjoy!!!!!

TulipGIrl said:

*huuug* Rejoicing with you!

Andy & Sue Stenberg said:

Congratulations to all of you! He is so beautiful! Love and blessings to Mikki and the "big kids". Looking forward to meeting the newest member of the Bates family.

Andy & Sue said:

hmmm...idea for a name, if you are still undecided. How about Benjamin? If I remember correctly, Joseph in the Bible had a younger brother Benjamin who was not only the son of the beloved wife, but also "son of my right hand". Benjamin Bates.....has a nice ring!

Recyclemichael said:

He looks so real and so lifelike!

Congratulations on the addition to your family.

Petitedov said:

Congratulations amd Mazel Tov (as my people say)! So happy for you and your family.

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