Pray, please

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Nothing new tonight. I'm too hacked off about things I know but can't tell. If you don't want to get stuck with another four years of lousy leadership in Tulsa's Mayor's office, get to praying.

Confidential to a certain Washington observer of Tulsa politics: Your local "eyes and ears" is leading you astray, probably to suit his own financial interests. If you follow his advice, you can pretty much bet on your least desired outcome coming to pass. You bet on the wrong horse in 2004, why make the same mistake twice?

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2004...what did we bet on in 2004? 2025?

Dan Paden said:

Now you've done it. I'm going to spend the whole day wondering what you're talking about, and if it has anything to do with Randi Miller's entrance into the Mayoral race and the defection (so I hear) of Chris Medlock's campaign manager.

Darn. I was really going to try to concentrate at work today. What am I gonna tell the boss?

Joey Author Profile Page said:

I'm just praying you'll tell us what you know so we can make up our own minds :-)

Scum of the Earth said:

To make ambition God is as much a sin as any other Michael. Poor thing, could it be another blind mouse moment?

Carlos, Vision 2025 was 2003, and the comment wasn't directed at you in particular or BatesLine readers in general, but (if you'll reread what I wrote), one particular person -- someone I respect, but someone who is being fed bad info by an adviser whose advice may be skewed by his own business interests.

Dan, Medlock's campaign manager (Brad Colvard) is still working for him.

Joey, I wish I could.

Scum, care to explain how your comment is pertinent to the topic at hand?

A Burns said:

Vote Accountability Burns for Mayor of tulsa visit for more information

That previous comment came from a IP address, and the website says it isn't associated with Burns, so it probably isn't really A Burns that posted it. Pseudonyms are fine, but please don't assume the identity of a public figure to post a comment.

I'd love to see a website devoted to Accountability's political career. Why not be up front about who you are?


You know, I think I'm almost to the point that I believe prayer is useless in this town...
Forget turning the cheek... I think it's time to get down...

But that's just mee...

Dan Paden said:

Prayer is never useless, Mee. Think how bad it would be if we weren't praying. Could be like San Francisco, with handguns banned and--'nuff said.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

when turning the other cheek, its important to remember that you only have two...

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