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Urban Tulsa Weekly, Tulsa's alternative weekly newspaper has been running a help-wanted ad for a reporter. Now that G. W. Schulz has gone on to greener pastures on the Left Coast, they need to find someone to fill his Birkenstocks here in Tulsa. Here's the text of the ad:

Are You Serious About News?


At least three years' experience at weekly or daily paper required.
Advancement opportunities.
Contact Emily. Resumes with samples.
No phone calls. Confidentiality assured.

Urban Tulsa Weekly
710 S. Kenosha, Tulsa OK 74120

There's a real opportunity for a reporter to make a name for himself or herself at UTW by digging into stories that the daily monopoly newspaper won't touch.

In the meantime, I'm still writing my weekly op-ed column, although I've fallen behind on updating the links to my columns here at BatesLine.

Two issues ago, I wrote about the Mayor's proposal for a six-plus year renewal of the Third Penny sales tax, explaining why a 14-month extension of the existing tax, to pay for the projects we approved in 2001, would be better for downtown and inner city neighborhoods.

Last issue, my column was about the last-minute, back-room maneuvering that shook up the list of candidates to be Tulsa's next Mayor.

The new issue is out tomorrow at finer coffee houses and restaurants across our fair city. I promise to post a link a bit sooner this week.


I'd apply, but umm....
Well, I'm good at shoveling paper. Does that count?


susan said:

Last summer the City of Tulsa had complaints about not keeping up with mowing. Today, I saw
two street sweeper machines going into neighborhoods using City of Tulsa equipment where there was nothing to sweep up!

Another thing the T.World will not touch is the huge expense to Oklahoma taxpayers to allow llth and 12th graders to go completely free to boarding school if you are hand selected by O.S.S.M. If all public school llth and 12th grade students in Oklahoma had this high quality education of the same type of teachers OSSM is allowed to hire paid for and provided by Oklahoma taxpayers with round the clock care and three meals a day provided on a beautiful campus, we definitely would be showing different
scores on all math, science and other important
subject levels giving this state public high school test score boost! Tulsa world will not report on the extensive cost of Oklahoma School of Science and Math even though Tulsa County students go there.

There are many subjects TulsaWorld does not cover. The
ALL-STATE MUSIC WINNERS that performed downtown at the Performing Arts Center in Chapman Hall. A reporter needed to cover the best of the best Oklahoma high school musicians. That was defintely good news to list from each high school each All-State winner.

My son was one of the All-State winners and
all of the All-State winners had to go through several rounds of auditions to win All-State.

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