Candidate forums for Council races February 28

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(UPDATE: There's also a February 28 forum for District 2, Rick Westcott v. Paul Prather, at Webster High School at 7 pm.)

The two City Council seats that cover most of midtown are up for grabs, as Susan Neal and Tom Baker are not seeking re-election.

District 9 has a Republican primary on March 7 between Jeff Stava and
Cason Carter; the winner will face Democrat Phil Kates on April 4.

District 4 has a primary for both parties -- Rick Brinkley vs. Kent Morlan in the Republican primary; Maria Barnes vs. Jack Wing in the Democratic primary.

On Tuesday, February 28, there are candidate forums scheduled for both districts. If you time it right, you might be able to attend both.

District 9:

Where: Wright Elementary School, 1110 E. 45th Place (one block west of Peoria)
When: 5:30 pm to 7 pm
Sponsored by: Brookside, LewisCrest, Maple Ridge and Ranch Acres Neighborhood Associations
Contact: Herb Beattie, co-president, Brookside Neighborhood Association, 749-4586,

District 4:

Where: Wilson Middle School Cafeteria, enter on 12th Street between
Columbia and Delaware
When: 7 pm to ?
Sponsored by: Renaissance Neighborhood Association. The meeting will
also feature a presentation on changes to the TU master plan
Contact: Eric Gomez, president-elect of Renaissance Neighborhood Association, 378-0992,

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susan said:

My parents live in District 4. I favor Rick Brinkley because he was the only one that "tried" to help when there was a major City of Tulsa street renovation project which there were many problems. It involved ONG (new meters were installed and the house meter was installed wrong and they also installed it so you could not even reach the outside water handle. This was poorly planned and my parents house suffered the most as far as the City of Tulsa supervisors allowing heavy equipment to be constantly parked in front of their house which tore up their terrace and cracked the driveway. The terrace still has not been corrected from this project.

No, the Mayor's Action Line did not fix anything.

The concrete company that was hired by the City of Tulsa (KEYSTONE)one of Keystone's employees hit the gas line which damaged and knocked out their outside heating and cooling unit. KEYSTONE management knew it happened as ONG had to come and and have the concrete torn up and repaved.

After this disastrous process and no accountability, I would like a NEW MAYOR AND A NEW MAYOR'S ACTION line supervisor that has the guts to contact KEYSTONE and have them fix what they damaged. The concrete they poured also has cracks in it. It was reported by the neighbors
with other problems before the 12 months we had to report problems. Problems were reported and not handled correctly or not handled at all. Last we heard months after the concrete was poured a supervisor was still running around in circles trying to find the KEYSTONE CONTRACT where the City of Tulsa hired them to do this project. Still now over two years, they still can't seem to find the KEYSTONE contract to fix the concrete problems on this project. KEYSTONE
must have poured bad concrete or cheated the neighborhood on the quality to make more money for their company. The cracks are still there.

DO NOT HIRE KEYSTONE to do anymore concrete City of Tulsa work. After this project, I can see why we may have premature cracks on our City of Tulsa road projects.

CGHill said:

Is this the same Eric Gomez whom the World used to style as "Jason 'Eric' Gomez"?

That's right. Good memory!

Timmy! Author Profile Page said:

Great articles in Urban Tulsa - and the questionnaire was very interesting reading. The depth in blog postings and in alternative Tulsa media is MUCH more interesting than the sanitized sound bites and glossy mailings I see everywhere else. You posed very realistic and pertitent questions. I live in District 9, and it would have been nice to see something substantive ( or anything! ) from Stava. I consider the information on his website to be 'platform lite', and this was his chance to get meaty on some issues. He blew it. Carter gets my vote for participating and giving some depth to his candidacy.

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