Demo press conferences on Kathy Taylor's dual 2000 vote

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Don McCorkell is holding a 1:30 pm press conference, Kathy Taylor is holding a 2:30 pm press conference. I'm told that, at a Democrat candidate forum today, she deflected a question about the issue, and then stormed out of the room as soon as the event was over.


sbtulsa said:

so far she's voted twice for president, might not completly reside in Tulsa, and wants us to buy her "vision" of Tulsa.

was she "storming out" or "running away". she seems to dislike speaking in a free forum, answering direct questions, and wants to deal with broad generalities and nuts and bolts execution.

hmmmmmmmmm, where have i run in to this before?

sEAN said:

I wonder how KTUL will spin this one....

carlene bodene said:

I wonder if you can vote for presidential election in Boward County and the local elections here and we havent heard the entire story?

Mike said:

I just heard from the McCorkell folks that the Taylor press conference has been pushed back to 3:30. (More time to consult with her legal team, no doubt). At his 1:30 press conference, McCorkell reportedly said that if Ms. Taylor could not produce certifiable documentation that refutes the claim of double-voting, she should do the noble thing and withdraw from the race.

sbtulsa said:

my post aboove should have read "and wants to deal with broad generalities and not nuts and bolts execution".

if kathy taylor was mayor three years the hornets would be here now.

Paul Tay said:

No. Kathy didn't "storm" out of the room at the Tulsa Council of PTA Forum at the Education Service Center. She merely walked quickly out of the room, as if she had another appointment. Glen McIntyre, camera guy, and a producer showed up when Bill showed up. Glen stuck a mike on the podium to get any juicy tidbits. None were forthcoming. It was the standard dog and pony show. Nothing extraordinary, except Corky was very jovial, and talked to me at some length, which he usually never does. Wife was also upbeat and confident. Of course, I don't really have much to say, except maybe for GPA questions, upon which he would simply give me the evil eye, brand me as the devil incarnate, and walk away. I would not want to be on the business end of Cork's evil eye. Other than that, I like Cork. He would make a great Vice-Mayor in charge of ethics, aka Mr. Clean.

susan said:

If if was required to bring picture and "current address verification" such as our driver's license, we would not be wondering which Kathy Taylor or who it was that voted in Oklahoma.

If a sign is posted on the door and notice in the parking lot where people vote, those voting would know in advance to have their picture i.d. with address verification ready as they sign before they vote.

Voters should also have their voter id card that shows the precinct and political affiliation.

The law should be passed before the next presidential vote.

sbtulsa said:

its not "crazy" when a paper trail shows up. either documents were forged, this really happened, or some third explanation that doesn't appear obvious to me.

this should be public and checked out. simple as that. if taylor did not do it, say so directly and let the investigation run its course.

James Lockhart, MD said:

In her comments, she said "...I would not intentionally vote twice..." Sounds like the Clintons doesn't it? She is a lawyer so why would she just use straight language without obfuscating? I cna't even stand the tone of her voice. I certainly hope we don't have to listen to her for the next four years. Everyone get out and vote!!!

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