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Why are the Transport Workers' Union (TWU) and the Building Trades Council supporting Mayor Bill LaFortune's, instead of backing one of the Democratic candidates. According to John Wylie, posting as "lakeleader" over at the OKDemocrat bulletin board, the unions don't trust Taylor or McCorkell:

LaFortune has offered some kind of guarantee which these unions do trust about use of union workers on the city projects LaFortune backs. That means jobs for union workers. They also recognize the other GOP contenders as jokes.

So they hold their nose and vote for LaFortune. In return, they believe they will get the jobs their members so badly need.

LaFortune is guaranteeing the use of union workers on city projects? Is that promise that he can keep, legally? And if he can, is that a promise that will endear him to Republican voters?

MORE: MeeCiteeWurkor has more on why certain unions are endorsing LaFortune, but not all.


susan said:

Because LaFortune pushed the Vision project and won, it opened up more union jobs for a very long time.

Union workers have in the past had to travel and work in different states just to find union work in their trade. Therefore, you can imagine how happy the union workers are with all this Tulsa County work where they can go home to their families at night.

Ralph said:

I read on where Kathy Taylor gave money to Steve Largent yet it was Henry who appointed her to his cabinet.

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